Why Apply for the Embassy ID ?

The Embassy urges all Nigerian citizens who are legally residing in Turkey to promptly register with the Mission. The primary objective of this registration is to establish and maintain a comprehensive database of Nigerian residents within the country. It is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens while they are either living or traveling in Turkey. By registering with us, we can offer vital information and assistance during emergencies, natural disasters, political unrest, or any unforeseen circumstances. This registration process enables us to swiftly locate and communicate with our citizens, provide consular services, and offer the necessary support they may require. Additionally, registering with the embassy allows us to effectively monitor our citizens in the host country and keep them updated with significant information relevant to their stay.

Possessing an Embassy identification card brings an additional layer of protection and aid to our fellow citizens during their time abroad. This card acts as a means of identification, enabling access to embassy services and support in situations necessitating emergency assistance. It expedites the process of obtaining consular services, including legal aid, medical emergencies, or repatriation. Furthermore, this card allows for certain privileges and benefits, such as service discounts and participation in events or programs, to be availed by citizens residing or traveling overseas. In summary, the possession of an Embassy identification card ensures the security and well-being of our citizens throughout their time away from their homeland.


Embassy ID Application

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